Wine and more…


This blog is the next stage in my writing, mostly about wine, following on from the previous blog I wrote which was called “Duvault Blochet”.

194KPR may seem a random name for a site or blog but I, Will Hargrove, wanted something I could “have” on twitter and instagram and that related to my start in wine. 194 Kensington Park Road was the address for the shop where I very first started, doing the Christmas deliveries in November and December 1998.

Since then I’ve been very lucky to meet a lot of great people, be they colleagues, producers or customers and taste (drink!) some of the world’s very greatest wines.

I write when I feel like it and about what I want. Naturally there will be a big biased towards coverage of the wines that my employer – Corney & Barrow – import but that just is what it is!

My interest and experience with wine is far ranging but If I had to narrow it down then the following are my areas of obsession currently: Piedmont, Burgundy, The Rhone and Bordeaux.


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