Ets JP Moueix tasting – Home House, W1 – 24th April 2009 – Christian Moueix , Edouard Moueix and Clare Burke presented a series of wines (all below), majoring on the just about to be released 2008’s. My tasting notes are brief, purely due to the number of wines………

PUY-BLANQUET 2008, St-Em GC – Rich and broad if a little rough round the edges, OK.

LA SERRE 2008, St-Em GC Classé – Saturated and full nose in a modern style, drink early for opulence.

MAGDELAINE 2008, St-Em1°GCu Classé – The most impressive I have ever tasted from this profoundly good Chateau, no modern flashiness here, very grown up with good but balanced structure.

BÉLAIR-MONANGE 2008, St-Em 1°GC Classé – Previously just called Belair. This is the first vintage under full Moueix control…a little sudued but similar to Magdelaine in a slightly less intense way…a chateau to follow.

L’HOSPITALET DE GAZIN 2008, Pomerol – Meaty and gemay on the nose with good concentration, grown up and well endowed…impressive.

BOURGNEUF 2008, Pomerol – Lush and more modern in style…an earlier drinker I think.

LA FLEUR-PÉTRUS 2008, Pomerol – Fresh nose, showing red fruits as well as black, a more savoury note on the palate, a classy beast in every way…good structure.

HOSANNA 2008, Pomerol – A poor bottle I think…others I spoke to were very complimentary, must re-taste.

CERTAN DE MAY 2008, Pomerol – Richly and opulent, a little more oak than La Fleur Petrus, decdent and richly textured…impressive.

TROTANOY 2008, Pomerol – My wine of the tasting….i gave it (3 ticks plus), Brooding and masculine with so many layers of black complex fruit and wonderfully savoury notes…this will need time….a potentially legendary wines I feel.


BERNADOTTE 2005, Haut-Médoc – Nice nose, palate a little lean…classical but not more.

CAMENSAC 2005, Haut-Médoc – Tarty on the nose but nose in a nice way, full and modern, good for its style.

TRONQUOY-LALANDE 2005, St-Estèphe – Rich, concentrated fruit and good balance..nice.

PUY-BLANQUET 2005, St-Em GC – a little simple and closed.

HAUT ROC BLANQUANT 2005, St-Em GC – Modern sweet and succulent.

LAROZE 2005, St-Em GC Classé – Fresh, lush nose, more savoury characteristics coming through on the palate…..impressive.

DE SALES 2005, Pomerol – A little tight and lean….classical but not very 2005ish.

MOULINET-LASSERRE 2005, Pomerol – Old school…slightly sweaty Pomerol…needs food!


BÉLAIR 2004, St-Em – Before the name change (see BÉLAIR-MONANGE 2008 above), elegant and deliciously refreshing….I love 2004.

PLINCE 2004, Pomerol – Honest style with a slight hole in the palate.

BOURGNEUF 2004, Pomerol – Good balance and a savoury complexity, nice wine for now onwards

LA CONSEILLANTE 2004, Pomerol – Delicious nose, real balance and poise, a nice lightness of touch…..elegant

DUCRU-BEAUCAILLOU 2004, St-Julien – A reminder to buy 2004 when you see it at good prices, real classical “Cabernet” Claret…very good.

There was also a chance to taste the two wines from Dominus estate…..I had tasted them previously but this was a very welcome chance to have another go

NAPANOOK 2005 – Fresh and elegant red fruits. A slightly “bruised” fruit character on the palate.

DOMINUS 2005 – A big brother for the Napanook, more intensity and a touch of the black fruits to go with the red, poised but with a little flair too…more open than I remember.