Ok so this is confusing but Sebastiano, the 6yr old Chaser I have a (very) small share in, runs his last race this evening before his summer break. The race is the 6.50 at Huntingdon (http://www.racingpost.com/horses/racing.sd?race_id=482613&r_date=2009-05-26) and Seb (his nickname used by everyone except my wife who calls him Pritt Stick!) has an each way squeak. I won’t be backing him but he has a chance if (it’s a big if) he settles.

This season, which has actually ended (end of April is end of one season and beginning of the next) has been a bit disappointing. The previous year he exceeded expectations and ran really well winning and coming second, both over hurdles. The plan had always been to go chasing but he has been a shade disappointing over the bigger obstacles, always safe but never showing much verve, may be a summer at grass and a different campaign next year will be more affective

Anyway lets see how he goes tonight…..