Sipping F.Haag 2002 Brauneberger Juffer-Sonnenuhr Kab. Great, starting to develop the second half tomorrow will probably be best.

The week ahead is possibly the most exciting I’ve had in years from a wine perspective:

Monday – 6 vintage tasting of Les Carmes Haut Brion spanning the phase from 1999 to 2007. It is a Chateau I love (and buy for myself) and the idea of tasting so many of their wines is thrilling. They only produce approx 2000 cases a year!! I will report back.

Tuesday – UGC (Union de Grand Cru) 2007 Bordeaux London Tasting. The full range of 2007 Bordeaux now that they are bottled, some top right bank names missing and the first growths don’t play the game but pretty much everyone elase does. There may be a flurry of activity after the tasting but it is now an awkward vintage as the prices of those “better” vintages either side of it are lower in the main. I expect, as with vintages like 2007, there will still be some gems and the sauternes were superb so will definitely try those.

Wednesday – A normal day but then I have the team round for dinner at home…I won’t say what the wines are (they may read this) but there are a lot of them – two flights or batches of wines that should make for some interesting comparisons. I will publish the full line up here.

Thursday and Friday – Clearing by desk, which with Christmas offers, Bonneau du Martry 2008 release and the imminent new website, will take some doing. I

Saturday – pack and organise….

Sunday – off to Burgundy!!

On other topics a not such a good week of rugby betting. The horserace betting is very much on the back burner until the decent jumps horses start to run…this should be soon. Sebastiano has a small injury to a muscle in his bum (no horseman me) but that should only set him back a couple of weeks and with the ground still firm it makes little difference as he wouldn’t run on that ground. My club (Finchley RFC) are off an running both 1’s and 2’s winning yesterday. I can’t play for the next 4 weeks with work etc which is gutting as at my age the match fitness I now have takes a while to get back!!