Just the one Robusto this weekend although I was very generously gven a Behike 52 that is now resting on the Humidor for a suitable moment. This week’s smoke was Juan Lopez Seleccion No 2. As a brand it was, or so the web tells me, first founded in 1876 by Juan Lopez Diaz.

I had never had a Juan Lopez but I am always keen to try new things. The look and feel was great the draw a little too tight. The inital flavours were totally “down the middle” not on the dark chocolate and coffee side, nor the leather and hay side. Medium bodied at most it started as a nice smoke but the draw never really freed up enough for me, I like a slightly easy draw. It was though by halfway a little boring to the degree that I almost forgot about it and read the racingpost with full concentration. There was nothing wrong with it at all but the lack of interest is a downside so 86 points seems as high as it can go. I’d love to try another but with so many good smokes out there I can’t see myself buying any.

Next week may well be a Cohiba Off – Behike 52 vs the Robusto…sounds good to me!