So after an action packed week that featured a Partagas short after dinner on wednesday – god they are good, if you love rich cigars they have to be part of your rotation – it was finally the weekend and time for the next Robusto in the sampler pack I have.
I decided on the Cohiba, partly because I just wanted it and partly because a friend gave me a Behike 52 that I would like to compare it to soon. It had a lovely aroma and cold draw, a little farmyardy which I like. It started very complete and mellow and was around medium in body.

It was a fraction under filled but I am fine with that. the burn was good and even, I would say it was a 2011 stick. It smoked well the whole way with some nuttiness and always that creaminess that Cohiba has. It was thoroughly enjoyable. A little woody towards the second half with some honey. It reminded me of a creamier epicure No 2 from Hoyo. Just under medium all in all. A rating? I would say 91 with potential to rise a bit on this showing – very good. I only wonder it is too “smooth”, a bit of spice would be good but then that is splitting hairs…bring on the Behike!