Of all of the Robusto’s this is the one I know best. It is at it’s best a very elegant and graceful smoke, at its worst under filled and a bit plain…

The review – Nice looking “normal” Epi 2, tan colour, aroma was tea-like, cold draw of tea and hay. Nicely filled and with good construction. It went straight to the gentle side of medium, great even draw and burn, lovely dense smoke, almost a sweet toffeed tea note…a very good start.

To use a wine analogy it is a bugundian smoke, no overowering youthfulness to speak of, it is more about balance. Into the middle of the smoke it changed only a little, a touch of spice to add to the tea…still good but needs to move on to another dimension to be great rather than just good. One small aside, why does a cigar need two bands when it is a standard release? And on a cigar short one too, unnecessary in my book. When I first smoked these Epi 2’s they had no band at all and I used to like that.

The final third got a little richer but didn’t change much which was a bit of a shame. Overall it is an elegant smoke, a good first robusto for those not familiar with CC’s and that is not to be patronising. I can see why so many people like them. A rating?….88-89