Back on the 24th of March I blogged what I thought of a blind Petit Corona I tasted as the first of 3 Blind Cigars I have from a competition I am taking part in. It turned out to be a Romeo & Julieta Petit Corona (Box code RUE JUL 2011). Now it was the turn of one of my favourite sizes…the Corona Gorda.

Appearance & aroma on cold: Tan colour, straw and saddle leather. A little loose with a little fruit on cold draw.

On lighting up, initial thoughts…lighter side of medium, very well balanced.
1st third, no overriding flavours but a little old leather and some citrus in there, a good smoke.
2nd third, it started to ramp up in intensity some of which I’ll put down to the fact it is slightly underfilled and therefore a wee bit of a fast hot burner…still good mind you, earthy flavours coming through, weight of good smoke though the nose but no spice. The aroma of the smoke is lovely but hard to define, very mellow…
3rd third, suddenly burn issues, unpredicted, a harsh edge too, other than that just a bit boring now, nicely mellow has become a touch tedious…had to move to my sons treehouse (see picture) as yet more rain arrived.
Nothing wrong with it but nothing much going for it either….85….

I love this size so will be very interested to see what it is….the reveal will be towards the end of the month. Doing quite a lot of blind wine tasting this has been a very interesting exercise. The next cigar is a Churchill…should be fun.