In the middle of a seven day spell of non-drinking I was really looking forward to a cigar. I felt like a Corona Gorda and had the choice of a Ramon Allones Extra (awesome but my last one), a Monte No3 (not had it before) and am H.Upmann Mag 46. I went for the latter and didn’t regret it one bit. To accompany it I had a bottle of water and a cup of tea, I love tea (that’s normal “builders” tea) with a cigar. The “aroma & cold draw” was lovely and gentle, hints of straw and a suspicion of a little age. The construction looked excellent, not a show stopper to look at but well-made and nice and even, it proved to be well made later too.
The Opening – Lovely and elegant, light but not too light, creamy texture, good amount of smoke. The aroma was really wonderful and again suggests some age. I have no idea of the box code as it was bought as a “single”.
1st Third – Elegance, creamy tea, nutty elements, just below medium as a whole. Good depth. The nuts were either cashews of macadamias but not peanuts.
2nd Third – Slight build in flavour and weight but still not a definite medium. More cream but less nuts, a little black pepper arrived.
Last third – Some younger leather and a dash of spice towards the end of things.

Conclusion – This was a delicious smoke, totally unpretentious right down to the simple band. Crucially it developed as the smoke went on. There is nothing not to like, perfect for the afternoon. 92points.