What are my plans for 2013? I’m not a big one for resolutions so I’m calling them plans, none of them are earth moving but I think they are all worth a bit of attention:

1) Eat less greedily, self-explanatory really and as close to dieting as is remotely likely or possible.

2) Don’t drink for the sake of it, you know that feeling when you’re half way through a bottle of wine and remember thinking a day off would have been a good idea.

3) Read more, it won’t be the classics but I like it so do it more, will all be about, wine, cigars, racing.

4) Bet more, really enjoying it and like the challenge of it, I record all bets and keep tabs on things so why not!

5) Say YES more, to events, ideas etc.

6) Smoke more, ok a weird one but this is cigars only, I love them so should do it more.

7) Keep blogging but challenge myself with different approaches to subjects and include better photography.

8) Up the activity and exercise, keep on the bike and slot in the odd run and plenty of walking.

9) Entertain at home more.

10) Try and get over my dislike/fear/suspicion of odd numbers (hence why this is No 10!)

Right, enough nonsense…