Ok so you could say this includes some self-promotion but not really, no money swapped hands…there is a new interactive, digital, Wine & Lifestyle magazine which will be distributed via Apple’s Newstand – BY THE BOTTLE The magazine has been written, in large part, by the wine-trade and for the public. Almost all those involved can be found lurking on twitter under various guises. I’ve done a piece on cigars if it interests you. The whole beast is edited by Geordie Clarke and can be found via ITunes HERE.
Future editions will include all tablets, android and apple, but for now, it has just launched and is only compatible for the Ipad. 
So what sort of thing does it include and why recommend it? Well firstly the layout is good fun and it is the perfect thing to dip in and out of, I wouldn’t read it cover to cover but some may well do. The first edition includes:
A full Interview in this case with Maximilian Riedel.
Lost of Basic and helpful information – hints and recommendations – for those who know they have a passion for wine but don’t necessarily know where to start!
Wine investing and Collecting – pieces on Disclosure, Fakes and more.
Wine appreciation – mastering the technical terms and getting the sommelier “on side”.
Leisure – Other drinks, Cigars (that’s me!) betting (I write on betting on the horses for the next issue…)
Life & Fashion – Suits, Movies, stress relief you name it…
…and well that is it, lots to read and all enthusiastically written with nobody taking themselves too seriously. So download it (FREE!!), fill a large glass (red from Piedmont works well) and light a proper cigar (Cuban with a little age if possible but then you can read about that in there)…