Following a really great and fairly recent trip to Biserno. I was very pleased to be told the 2011’s (not offered for a few months) were in the tasting room and ready to be sampled.

Il Pino di Biserno 2011 – Has a restrained and poised nose with a classical (by which I think I mean savoury) profile. Very good tannins that are as smooth as they are definite. This manages to be both the most serious Il Pino I have tasted to date as well as obviously the best, those two things often don’t go hand in hand. The length is very good and also complex…a great effort here.

Biserno 2011 – Quite dense on the nose but not heavy, ever so slightly saline. The fruit is 70% black, 30% red with some cherry notes – I like this balance of fruit it gives a good lift to the wine but takes away none of what will be a long-lived savoury side. A very light winemakers touch here is a great thing. The correct elemnets are pushed forward and the rest remains backstage. Very good and as with Il Pino quite possibly the most complete rendition so far.

Lodovico 2011 – Not made in 2009 or 2010 Lodovico returns here. A little more high-octane and expressive than Biserno, this is an extrovert! There is a lot of red fruit boldness. The structure is there but what is so good is that there is no extraction for the sake of it, nothing OTT. I feel it will need a little time to knit together and become more serious, right now it just has stunning fruit. Good +

The point I make in the Biserno about less winemaking I think may well just be less oak (which was never an issue here but just seems so perfect this year) or may be 2011 is just an amazing vintage. Either way I left the tasting room smiling.