This is a post that I will willingly admit is totally for my own benefit, it must be my brain but I find I have to search this blog more and more to check my notes. I am therefore trying to put more and more of them down on here.  
Yesterday these two beauties appeared on the tasting bench ahead of their release. I have been lucky enough to have 
my fair share of Dominus over the years…a graceful wine that combines an, almost always, rather wonderful climate with a simple, honest approach to wine-making. Though it is often said that this is like a Bordeaux from Californian…the opposite is true…this is what California should be like…but that is my, obviously biased, opinion. Give me Dominus & Ridge any day…

Napanook 2012

Good rounded fruit, nice bit of fresh greenness then the palate is darker in fruit and more serious than normal. Good fresh finish with mixed red/black fruit. Good to very good. 17.5+
Dominus 2012
Taught, very complete on the nose, silken and appears easy to drink now but there is layer upon layer of perfectly ripe tannins, very graceful and complete (can’t get away from that word). 18.5

Both will be approachable early but thave the balance and grace to age very well.