Having spent 6 days in Bordeaux tasting the 2015’s I wrote the following – my first impressions Bordeaux 2015 – for the Corney & Barrow blog but wanted to add a picture blog here as well, a little like I did last year with this one – a week in Bordeaux tasting the 2014’s.

This year’s trip was a day shorter with 269 samples tasted and about 29 other wines drunk (and the odd beer), 4 camera flashes and a chipped windscreen! The vast majority of the quality wines that were drunk rather than tasted were courtesy of a customer and friend who lives in St.Emilion and who hosted us to a brilliant dinner – separate blog coming on that as it really warrants it, as did the food!

Day 1 – 2.40am alarm call to get the 6.50 Gatwick-Bordeaux Flight.

A nice touch at Haut Brion…
Delicious wines – we squabbled over HB vs LMHB
We did NOT order this water!
Superb tasting at L’Aurage but alas no time for Fuss ball
Now that’s a number plate…
No suits and marketing jargon at Tertre Roteboeuf…
Francois Mitjavile – the main man – on great form
The best Rocheyron yet and three “imposters”!!
What has become known as Bryce’s wall…
Day 2 – A more leisurely start time meant I could have a romantic walk with Mr Marus

The “snug” driveway to our hotel!
Rooftops of St.Emilion.
Wonder where I am going…
A morning’s work, Moueix-style
“Uncle Paul” at work
Edouard’s trademark…
Some of the wine of the vintage.
Superb “lunch wines”, just lovely.
Above and below – lessons from the master during an hour in the vineyard.

If you don’t then you should!
In the minute cellar at “CSM”
Quite a wine!
The first of two cats…
Dinner in St.Emilion and Mr Fraser!

Day 3 – Airport and the Grand Tasting…

Rowdy in the back
Your average Sunday morning?!
A few of my picks from the dry whites…
Alison at work…
An Italian imposter!
Sammy the wild cat – and my tasting companion at L’Avocat.
Sunday evening at Picque-Caillou…stellar value AGAIN.

Day 4 – The Stade and the working week

Lion and Las Cases
Grand Vin and Petit Lion…
Rauzan-Gassies a real favourite…
Lovely range…
Dinner wines at Les Noailles in town!

Day 5 – Ships, and Chateau Visits

Indeed – but some great pics to follow in June once an “opening” has happenend.
Always a star, almost boringly so!
The Scots and Mr Marus
Mellow Yellow
A highlight…
Some hype…
Mr Muller gets an impersonation at Palmer…

Well someone had to wear it!
Thibault Pontallier – presenting brilliantly and bravely at a difficult time.
Lion d’Or for lunch, more Italian than Bordelaise but good tasting fodder nonetheless
I picked the lunch wine but alas my French could not get it served blind.
Really great tasting at Calon-Segur with Laurent Dufau – an interesting view on things.
Adam gets interviewed at Cos d’Estournel.
The tongue scrapper…useful.
Important cargo..I could tell you but I’d have to kill you.
The sunsets over St.Emilion.
Stunning dinner – click HERE to read about it!

Day 6 – The final climb!

Rouget – pushing boundaries, superb too.
Breakfast after tasting…
The Big “P”
Foggy in Pomerol
A lovely pair
The team arrive at Figeac…
Dotting I’s and crossing T’s