Each year as a family we go to Aberaeron in West Wales (about 15 miles south of Aberystwyth) for a week of relaxation – eating, drinking and the odd walk along the way.

A few previous visits are documented below.

This year I have decided that a little like the rent trip to Bordeaux to taste the 2015’s it would be best covered in pictures.

A few things to get us through the week! 
Lovely pairing from the South of Burgundy – serious people doing some great things! 
En Famille! 
I am drinking and loving a lot of Roty at the moment – so good!
The harbour with the Harbourmaster (Lilac on the left) doing a roaring trade…
The old German magnum fridge problem! 
There was some celebrating to do, this was lovely, not overly dry, nice!
Drinking well straight “off the bat”  
Charlie and both his “Pa’s”!!
We had such amazing weather!! 
There’s  a ski rack under there somewhere but hey Skis and Kayas are the same? 
Pre-Lunch prep…Cannubi just “beat” the Brunate, Phelan out performed the “Dame”.. 
We started with this…for me Les Lys just pipped it but it was close…
Cynan’s brilliant beef!
Homemade baklava 
So hot that the reds saw ice water too!
Moping up the leftovers the next day…Armens 2003 in a good place!
Up above Aberarth
A waiter one day?
Cracking pair, Cuvee Speciale ’11 is a gem…Conterno is Conterno…
The last evening

Looking forward to next year already!!