This was a splendid tasting at Hedonism in Mayfair. Andrea himself was over to show these wonderful and unique wines.

Trinoro is one of the estates I have written up the most as these posts will show Trinoro 2015sTrinoro 2014s & Trinoro 2013s. I have also been lucky to do a few tastings of multiple vintages: Vertical in London & Vertical in Oxford.

We started here with the Palazzi, a Merlot dominated wine, first made in 1997.

Palazzi 1997 – 75% Merlot & 25% Cab Franc – Earthy, rich and full, nice balance to the nose, a little tobacco with berry fruit and a little leather. In a good place right now.

Palazzi 1999 – 50% Merlot & 50% Cab Franc – Juicily sweet, more iron and in a small way a little less complete than the 1997. This appears to have developed less in fruit than in structure, red currants are still showing, the higher % of (ripe) Cab Franc shows through.

Palazzi 2009 – 100% Merlot – Inky rich, like a dense dark fruit compote, high octane and almost heady. Berry fruits. There is almost the feel of a top Amarone here.

Palazzi 2010 – 100% Merlot – Clean and creamy nose, red fruits, a delightful Palazzi, complete. A supercharged but not heavy right bank feel, crushed rocks and highness combined, pretty spot on.

Palazzi 2011 – 100% Merlot – A slightly greener nose, a little spice then some raisined compote and a vibrant palate, a little like the 1999 in style. One to cellar.


Now it was time for the 100% Cabernet Franc wines from single vineyard sites in the estate:

Campo di Tenaglia 2014 – Good poise and nice richness, on reflection a little more reticent than the others, time needed maybe.

Campo di Magnacosta 2014 – Not overly dark colour, raspberry fresh nose, elegant, really lovely. Red fruits with a bit of creaminess, a good complete finish with a little darker fruit (cherry) coming through, good wine this!

Campo di Camagi 2014 – This has a deeper colour, more berry fruit, a little more concentration, good depth, coiled up quite tight…a little time needed, promising.

And then to the “main man” –  Tenuta di Trinoro itself. The production here varies between 4,500 and 7,000 bottles (that’s bottles NOT cases!). Where so many people say they do the same each year and let the vintage and terroir speak Andrea does the same thing a different way as incapsulated here “Making wine is an artistic thing. Each year changes in the weather and also in my way of making wine, because I am affected by the landscape and by the seasons”.

Tenuta di Trinoro 2000 – (55%CF, 35%CS & 10%PV) – Tobacco, soy, iron, spices, mellow wine this. Leather and old sofas, has a real savouriness, long ripe and really rather a joy!

Tenuta di Trinoro 2005 – (63%M, 18%CF, 15%CS & 6%PV) – Tighter berry fruits, higher octane in general, has a real concentration. Tight and bold at the same time, not yet in complete balance for me. I am positive that this will be very fine in 2-4 years. 

Tenuta di Trinoro 2009 – (42%M, 42%CF, 12%CS & 4%PV) – Gorgeous nose, just great. This has always been a star, juicy, opulent and impossible not to like, oddly, because the fruit/character is very different, but this has a link to the 2000…

Tenuta di Trinoro 2015 -(50%CF, 36%M, 10%CS & 4%PV) – This is clearly a bit contrast, especially to the 2000 & 2009, just as primary as you’d want and expect.

It was splendid to see Andrea and taste (re-taste in most cases) these wines, I don’t think I will ever stop liking them and, at the same time, being intrigued by them and how/why they are how they are…can’t ask for much more than that…