Most years I try to write up my thoughts on the Domaine de la Romanee-Conti wines. Previous examples are HERE . So please see below – these were tasted from bottle in Jan 2021. I have put, at the bottom, a table that outlines the 2018 vintage in numbers.

Corton Grand Cru 2018

Pure, crimson like fruit and a certain lusciousness, a little cranberry to this though it is ripe not tart. Good freshness, then there is a crunch, a slightly savoury note in the middle and a good length. Almost decadent which is not very “Corton”. Moreish, just as you would wish for. 17.5 (+) 2025-2035+

Echézeaux Grand Cru 2018

A deeper colour than I associate with the Domaine’s Echezeaux. There is a  real sense of a framework, a structure. The nose is, at this stage, a little shy. The palate is structured, sappy but true there is almost a slight forcefulness here, may be the most serious I can remember this. The tannins resolve as the plate opens out, the length is very good – long, long, long. This is no easy Echezeaux but it might just be a rather special one. 18 (++) 2028-2040+

Grands-Echézeaux Grand Cru 2018

A shade or two paler than the Echezeaux as is so often the case. A very slightly reduced nose, a real old vine feel, a potency. The palate is exceptional, real body and an exquisitely proportioned structure – like heavy cashmere. The fruit that was tightly wound up to the nose is fresher, redder and longer, a little spice appears. This is multifaceted and really rather wonderful. 18 – 18.5 2026-2040+

Romanée-St-Vivant Grand Cru 2018

A redder colour. Lovely gentle spice, grey pepper on the nose which all sits over the deeply fresh fruit. I love the nose, it managed to be chiselled but not lean. The elegance, the lift, it is all here but a little like the Echezeaux it might just be a shade more serious than sometimes. 17.5 – 18 2026-2038+

Richebourg Grand Cru 2018

Darker core than the other colours thus far. Darker ripe sweet fruit compote – juicy. Then as time goes on there is more red fruit, combining with the plums and dark cherry. I think “succulent” might be my “one-worder”. The palate is exactly as you would hope from the nose – powered, poised and deep, a shade savoury at times but ultimately sweet and, that word again, juicy. The tannins are resolved, the plate pure but punchy. Splendid – long long long – “Richebourgarians” will rightly be in ecstasy. 18 – 18.5 2027-2040+

La Tâche Grand Cru 2018

Wow – Floral, so pure, spiced, so glamorously elegant, an effortless feel to this. Hints of berry sweetness and then red fruits and that tell-tale – normally hidden at this stage – tea leaf character. Every sip and sniff brings something new to the party. The palate is every bit as impressive as the nose – pure, lifted, sweet, so confidently poised. A wine that is entirely comfortable in itself. The very definition of refined hedonism. 19 – 19.5(++) 2025-2045+

Romanée-Conti Grand Cru 2018

A shade darker than the La Tache. The stems show on the nose a little, as does delicate spice, this is a compact nose, tightly wound. The fruit is, a little like the Grands Echezeaux, is decadent and deep but playing slightly second fiddle to the structure and “presence” of the wine in this moment. The palate leads with more savoury notes but then explodes with berry fruit. There is an “elegant density” here, the finish shows true class and hints at an airy perfume to come. Where La Tache is extrovert bordering on gregarious this is currently more introverted and therefore possibly more serious. We will have to wait and see. 19 – 19 (++) 2028-2045+

Le Montrachet Grand Cru 2018

The nose is overtly complex, the skin of a ripe apple, macadamia nut, floral notes and a proper saltiness which quickly leaves to reveal a decadent and rich wine. Luscious and full. It will be fascinating to track this over time – will it tighten up or continue on a luscious path? Nothing shy here! 17.5 – 18+ 2021-2029

2018 vintage in numbers

2018 VintageVine ageProduction (doz)YieldHarvest Bottling
Corton5566234 hl/haAugust 31stFebruary 11th & 12th – March 11th, 2020
Echézeaux351,17026 hl/haSeptember 8thMarch 11th, 13th & 16th – May 9th, 2020
Richebourg 6068632 hl/haSeptember 7thMarch 17th, April 8th & 9th, 2020
Grands Echézeaux 301,01522 hl/haSeptember 4thMay 12th and 13th, 2020
Romanée-St-Vivant 451,05918 hl/haSeptember 3rdJanuary 13th & 15th, 2020
La Tâche 501,19019 hl/haSeptember 12thApril 9th & 10th – May 11th, 2020
Romanée-Conti 6033647 hl/haSeptember 5thNovember 13th, 2019
Montrachet60+32218 hl/haSeptember 6thJanuary 14th, 2020