I wouldn’t do anything so vulgar as print details but lets just say its been a cracking week. Lots of wines selling at good prices and happy customers. So good to sell wines that you just know will make people so happy.

On that sort of topic had a chat with Adam (MD) today about how to be positive about all our wines. Customers will obviously be synical if yu rave about everything. The problem comes from the fact that we turn down so many wines that we genuinely love the wines we buy……be great to list all the wines we didn’t buy but that is not either fair or right.

Next week the Bordeaux 2008 campaign will largely come to an end. It’s been a far better one than anyone anticiptaed and the Bordelais did as much as could reasonably be expected….well certainly those who released before Parkers scores were out.

Anyway here’s to the weekend…..rugby, racing and the odd bottle……