I know I’m not the only one but why aren’t the wines above more popular? Is it that they aren’t “normal” is it that they recquire a bt of thought? The “different alcohol”? Well whichever it is I would never be without a half of Fino/Manazanilla in the fridge (the perfect satuday lunch time wine) or an open bottle of Madeira…preferably Bual and 10-15yeras old. Keeps for ever and is just delicious.

I am not one of those people who goes on about food and wine matching as i think it isn’t a science and can be quite dull BUT try Sercial Madeira and shortbread!! Brilliant

A lot of good horse racing recently with the Classic season started and the Derby only 3 weeks away. The horse I have a (small) share in “Sebastiano” may get one more run before the summer off. He’s a jumper who’s just had a decent but win-less season. If you are liekminded and love racing then a Blog I recommend is http://www.bertsblog.co.uk/ . Really interesting read…..if you like racing…otherwise dull as