So the Lions have got themselves going a bit in South Africa with a good win! I bought tries in the first game and lost a bit as a result. They played much better but the oppo seemed to almost give in once they went behind so I don’t know how productive it was.

I decided to take a few days break from the booze (think it’ll end tonight…..been one of those days), just one of those things it’s good to do every few weeks.

Had a truely amazing and unique wine moment today….Constantinos Colheita 1910….I am pleased with myself in as much as I spotted it as a Colheita (vintage Tawny) but I was a mile out on age have said ’87. I meant 1987 but tried to pretend 1887! The colour had held up well (browned but thick to the edge), the nose was delicious and very complex, one of those Ports that alternatley pretends to be Madeira (Verdehlo?) and Sherry (PX). The palate was delighfully rich and showed the alocohol but not in a bad way. The finish went on for minutes….

The Oaks tomorrow at Epsom, I fancy Midday to win but there is no value in the 7/2 price so I won’t be having a bet.