Friday evening – Blandy’s Sercial 5yr old…liquid magic for the price, why or why do people not drink more Madeirsa. Langhe Nebbiolo 2006 from Saffirio with Spag Bol (good batch out of the freezer…always better second time around!), lovely nose, full colour, palate good and broad but short with a bit of a hole – will look again tomorrow – this weeks experiment is Smith Woodhouse 2003 – just decanted of sediment…will post observations/tasting notes over weekend…well for as long as the bottle lasts.

Friday 8.30 pm – Colour – rich to the rim typical of young Port..nose closed but broodingly nice, palate? delicious but not overly complex, I like this game!

1pm – Last night’s Langhe Nebbiolo ’06, Saffirio showing better, delicious tonight, will buy some and leave 18 months…Smith Woodhouse opening up nicely…can’t remember when I last had vintage port on Saturday lunchtime.

Backed Crowded house each way in the Derby…….a decent 5th but no chance with the winner. Sea the Stars looks exactly that, a star in the making. Lions were disappointing but then I think the side they put out as forced on them by having to give everyone a game…not necessarily the side they would have wanted to select.

7pm SW 2003 update – more jammy today, red fruits to the fore, structure shows better…it’s a good port must leave some for tomorrow, friends coming round for Venison.

Cotes du Rhone Villages 2003 Dom d’Andezon – lovely and not too 2003’ish, fully mature and best drunk up now but a good wine, haunch of venison and roast tatties and all the trimmings, very good even if I say so myself. The SW 2003 is all but gone and tasting better and better – will do a bottle of young Vintage Port over the weekend again, great way to drink a great drink!!

8pm…all gone

Gould Campbell 2000 ordered up for the next weekend Port trial!