Now this is a real annual highlight…getting to taste the soon to be released 2008 – Pingus, Flor de Pingus and PSi. The offer will be out in late September. My first impressions, wine by wine, below:

Psi 2008 – Only the second Vintage of Peter’s new wine from the Ribera, other than Peter’s hand in the winemaking there is no direct vineyard link to the Flor and Pingus. The Psi is from different vineyards and growers around the region. The 2008 was rich in colour but also bright. The nose was opulent and generous but in no way OTT. A combination of red and black fruit with a classy layer of creamy toastiness. The palate is full but again with a lightness of touch, almost crisp, fabulous. 17.5-18 out of 20. Drink 2011 – 2015+ (the 2007 is currently available and delicious but this is even better)

Flor de Pingus 2008 – The strength, quality and perception of Flor de Pingus in the fine wine market is finally where it should have been all along. I’ve always felt it is the wine that actually shows Peter’s brilliance. 2008 – Colour, a touch more saturated than Psi but still has a brightness and avoids the boring saturated black colour of over extraction. For such a young wine it has a magnificently complex nose, putting a single fruit to the aroma would be largely pointless. The fruit is more black than red, this isn’t supposed to be anything but a “complete” wine and it is already some way to being there. Silky structure and delicious palate that has backbone but is a supportive rather than a “look how big I am” way. This is a serious wine but a fun one too. 18+ Drink 2012 – 2019+ (I think this will be a great wine to try a bottle every year or two from 2012 onwards, the 1999 Flor is delicious now)

Pingus 2008 – The “main man” and a real privilege. Like so often in these scenarios the Flor is easier to judge at this stage, regardless, this is a mighty fine Pingus with a brilliant future ahead of it. A little more viscous than the Flor but otherwise similar in colour. Very serious, complex, dark, dense and brooding nose that combines black fruit with savoury notes. There is chocolate, fruit and spice but not too much of any one characteristic. The initial “hit” on the plate is of redder fruits and a touch of fruity sweetness but then you realise your mouth has been coated in structure, there is no aggression about this but it is clearly a wine for several years time. The palate finishes with a wonderful savoury edge. 18-19+ Drink 2015 – 2020 and well beyond

On other news, life has been busy with the Rugby season not far away and therefore Pre-season training well under way. Anyone interested in playing rugby in London and wanting a club that offers everything from mini rugby to vets (over 35’s…not me….yet!!) with a good first and second team and several beers after, then look no further than Finchley RFC anyway enough shameless promotion!!

Off to a meeting now about our Harlequins wine sponsorship for the upcoming season….now there is a club in the news!!