Ok so it hasn’t even been picked yet, but I managed to grab Adam (C&B, MD) on his first day back in the office yesterday to find out how the vintage was looking. Adam visited Christian Moueix in Bordeaux whilst on holiday last week. It has been a good summer generally in South West France (my two weeks at the end of July/beginning of August were certainly good!) but this has continued and the raw materials (the grapes!!) are looking good. The days have been warm and sunny (light being amazingly important as well as heat), mostly between 26 & 34 degrees. None of the savage heat of 2003 but otherwise ideal. harvesting, at this stage, looks like it will be early (mid september ish). The production/yield/crop levels look good too, despite some hail earlier in the year, so all in all very exciting…all we need now is the exchange rate to sort itself out and it’d be happy days.

As we get new back from our friends in Bordeaux I will update ou all immediatley!