With the En Primeur Bordeaux campaign all but over, I took wednesday afternoon off to have a round of golf with a mate from the trade (who gets a mention on other posts as my Barolo Guru) at Wimbledon Park, a lovely course right opposite the Wimbledon Tennis Club and all its massive stands. The round was great fun with a narrow victory. I only seem to play once a year these days and as a result just relax and enjoy it with low expectations. After we had finished it was still too early to go for the curry we had decided on so we had an hour to kill in the evening sun over a couple of pints of Youngs and a pair of H.Upman 46’s that my mate had brought along. The were bought in Geneva and are from either 2000 or 2001. I was excited about this. I am increasingly buying some cigars to lay down so any opportunity to smoke a stick with some age on it is welcomely received. They were in great shape with a subtle aroma when unlit. The cigar itself was creamy with a lovely mellow almost chocolate taste about it. The construction was good and the bun lovely. The ash a very pale almost white shade that you get with age. All in all a great hour putting the world to rights (is that spelt the other way?) which is exactly what cigars are about.
On the aging cigars front I have chosen to start by aging two boxes, Partagas Shorts and the “new” Flor de Cano Short Robustos. My thinking being that there may not be that many chances to get the Flor de Cano and with the Partagas I think it is a good idea to age some smaller smokes as they will offer more flexibility in the future and I think it is a mistake to only age the bigger smokes.