When I opened this yesterday at home (Mrs H had been given it) I was pleasantly surprised but just could get past wondering what on earth I would have thought it was if I had tasted it blind.
So what better way to find out than to bring it to work, put it in another bottle in the tasting room and see what people thought. The answer ranged from old piedmont – this guess was probably becasue it was me bringing it in – to the logical Banyuls via Port. The nose is Port-like in fruit character but the palate is far lighter (alchohol is in the 10.5-12 range) a real confusing one. I would serve it slighly chilled if I had it again. It worked quite well with a Montecristo Petit Edmundo (2010). Oh well, one for the memory bank.
The novelty helped me get over Banimpire’s very close defeat in the Irish Oaks!