Having had one of the other EL’s (Edition Limitada) last Monday, the Ramon Allones Extra, it was a good chance to now try another that had been sat in my humidor for a month or so – The Hoyo de Monterrey Short Hoyo Piramides EL 2011. I am a big fan of the Hoyo marque. It had great appearance with an oily dark wrapper, far darker than I associate with Hoyo in general. Lovely earthy aroma when cold. The draw was tightish but good, what I have heard referred to as a “Cuban draw” before. There was a spectacular aroma on lighting up, even being sat outside. The question is…is it a real Hoyo, on starting I’d say a good cigar but more coffee and dark notes than I associate with Hoyo, more petit Bolivar in a way. First third…coffee bean, almost espresso like intensity, rich flavour, medium weight, impressive nothing harsh despite the youth. Approaching half way the burn is brilliantly consistent and even…lovely white ash. It has notes of tea and shortbread, may be flapjack, coming in too…the coffee side of things all but gone, so more Hoyo in character, would be great with a Speyside whisky I recon, I’m on french regional Cabernet 2009 and a cup of tea. This was very enjoyable…not a heavy weight but very high quality classical cuban tobacco. I’d say it has good potential too, love to see this in 3-5 yrs. Through the nose there is a aroma of old leather, no spice to speak of. Into the final third, still good though not developing anymore, youth showing a bit but that’s good not bad, still balanced. As noted earlier the aroma of the smoke is notably impressive, I’d love to walk down the road behind somone smoking one of these. Overall impression is of an impressive smoke. It is not a true Hopo in character to me but I don’t know that this matters. Good to see the EL’s really doing what they should – high quality and interesting. On the score front I’d say 91 now and potential, as other layers show themselves, to be up at 94. So 91-94.