This is not meant to be an in depth blog. I had the chance last week to quickly taste all the d’Angerville 2010’s. The bottles were cask samples from just before

the racking. They were (as usual I am biased and I love Volnay especially this estate and Lafarge) showing very very well, real precision of fruit from the Volnay Villages upwards, the Pommard Les Combes des Dessus was that bit darker of fruit and more robust than the elegant Volnay’s but that is as it should be. Going through the 1er Crus I found the Clos des Angles a little more dense, Fremeit had more depth and also structure, Champans was delicious as ever (a favourite of mine) with guts as well, Caillerets came across as a dash more lush, richer. Taillpieds was again more dense (if Volnay can be dense) with a sweetness of fruit but also a savoury edge, Clos des Ducs…my note simply says “The grown up”it has more structure. The white – Meursault Santenots – was just what you would want of a 2010 white Burgundy, taut, tight but with good texture, leave a good while. The problem with the 2010’s, and it is a good one, is that they are so delicious of fruit now…in style I see the 2010’s as between 2008 and 2009 and possibly the best of a that trio, and smallest, although I remember finding the 2008’s just as enchanting.

The next tasting was of just Clos des Ducs, it’s a hard life. The line up is below, for some reason I decided to score these, I am quite a mean scorer.
2010 Small comment above. 18-19
2008 Real harmony, pretty with red fruit then structure. 17-18+
2007 A dash of cheesecloth, a little closed. 17-17+
2002 “Good stinky” with a Brie-like nose, it is all there but, like a lot of 2002’s that you know will come round, now is not the time to drink them. 17-18
1999 Lovely poise and balance, quite closed, classical Volnay, still quite primary. 18-18+
1998 The surprise package of the Ducs, lovely de-graded red fruit and great texture, the best for now, very pleasant surprise. 18
1990 A class act, no blockbuster, balanced and very moreish delicious now onwards. 18-19
A great tasting or should that be two great tastings?