I’ve not done this format before but there was so much to photograph on a wonderful trip to Barcelona last weekend for a meeting of all the agents for Champagne Delamotte and Champagne Salon that I though it might be easier and different. I have put a few notes on wines (& Cigars) tasted at the bottom.
The first evening it was drinks on the roof time, the sun was out and the city looking terrific, so what better than Delamotte Brut in magnum. A couple of Negroni’s and a Montecristo No4 went down well afterwards too!
The new packaging for the range.
The first of a few “Team Photos” this one at the Miro exhibition, well worth a visit.
One of many great dishes at our beach side lunch, all washed own with the very “proper” Delamotte Rose.  
And the main course…Siesta time after this!!
One of the views from the top of the amazing Torre d’alta Mar restaurant on the beach front looking back up at the city.
The Delamotte “Collection” 1988, serious Champagne that was the climax of the dinner at the above.
One of the most brilliant breakfasts I have ever had (including the tripe!) at La Bouqueira with Delamotte NV.
We had a wonderful tour round the Basilica de la Sagrada Familia..will be finished by 2025 or so…
The inside of Vila Viniteca (Spanish agent) one of the most amazing wine shops I have ever been in, if in Barcelona you must go…
A very happy president of Delamotte & Salon – Didier Depond, the hats were a  great touch!
Lunch outside Vila Viniteca, wonderful produce and very generous wines from Quim Vila (see bottom of blog). 
Quite literally our “Chariots were waiting”, these took us all back to the Hotel in great style.
It is a shame there wasn’t a toga party!! May be next time.
One of three cheeky Cigars, it is a great city to buy smokes but also to walk around whilst partaking!!
The final evening was here…..2 Michelin stars!!
The last night line up with one wine (red) missing, again, see below.
I will keep this picture of Jean-Baptiste, could be “useful”, it is sorbet rather than Lipstick!!

Wines tasted (drunk!):

Delamotte Brut NV – Showing really well at the moment, as ever, always love it that little bit more from magnum.
Delamotte Blanc de Blanc NV – had two different disgorgements of this one from 1988 in magnum which was staggeringly youthful but showed classy evolution of the texture and the other the usual release, which I love, elegant, white flower, superb the best value Champagne I know (yes I am biased but…).
Delamotte Rose – Was great by the beach with assorted seafood and Jamon, gentle and elegant a wine not to be underestimated!
Delamotte Blanc de Blancs NV 2002 – In bottle this is just starting to open out, it is a serious wine that is best left 12-18months, in magnum I would say 3-5 years. So much the savvy buy, great.
Delamotte Collection 1964 (M) – From Didier’s vintage! Very good, evolved and with richness but NOT old for the sake of it.
Delamotte Collection 1970 (M) – This was may be the one wine I didn’t “get” others loved it so it’s probably just me, too much coffee and cocoa for me. Very youthful colour.
Delamotte Collection 1988 – Really good, liked it a lot, generous nose and rich texture, complexity came more and more as it loosed up with the chill going. Has further potential but why wait?
Salon 1983 (M) – Amazingly youthful from mag, more so than the 1990 and definitely from the bottle. Elegance in spades, poised classy, very “Salon”!
Salon 1990 – The “bang on the money” Salon for right now, refined nose gives way to generous Meursaultesque palate, very long. In a vintage where a few Champagnes disappoint this does the opposite, decadent for Salon too, Bravo!!
Salon 1999 – A “nipper” really, lots of minerality and Chassagne like character as it develops, needs time now but J-B says it is the sibling of the 1990 and that is good enough for me!!  
L’ermita 1997, A.Palacios (M) – As with the next four reds this was served by the very generous Quim Vila, this was charming, it had softened but was still focussed and youthful, very classy.
Vega Sicilia 1998 (M) – A little more oak showed on this than I expected but the balance otherwise was lovely, not an estate I know as well as I should. Note to self!
Dominio de Pingus 2006 (M) – Rich and full with a savoury enormity than means it is a decade or more from it’s peak. So much of everything…will be quite something.
Marques de Riscal 1962 – Old wine? Yes but good too, elegant and balanced with fruit.
Gran Reserva 1935, Palacios – This was served blind as a competition and two people went for 1934 so shared the prize, I went 1955. It was old for sure but a dash of red fruit showed and some mushrooms before it had escaped, a treat regardless.
La Faraono 2006, Bierzo, Desc de J Palacios – A kind donation from Alvaro Palacios, this went perfectly with the Pigeon at Abac. It is made from Mencia (related to Cab Franc). I love the white and pink pepper that shows through the poised dense compote fruit.
Punch Punch – The first I have had of these, lovely afternoon smoke, hay, straw and a touch of cream for the first half and then it gradually built up to medium bodied with a dash of leather.
Montecristo No4 – Due to the large production these can be variable but this was lovely, dark roasted coffee, good balance, nice smoke.
Hoyo de Monterrey Short Robusto – Perfect for the stroll back to the hotel after a bit of shopping, the best of these that I have had, medium bodied, classical Habanos.
A wonderful weekend, lots of people met and great times had!